Juergen's Silver Rocket - Velomobile progress

Early stuff

To add:

  • general description of project
  • early construction
  • first Electrathon
  • modifications
  • testing
  • second Electrathon
  • more testing Video

Preparing to add pedals to rolling framework

Kids with velomobile

A velomobile made of snow? SnowVelo!

Test - sizing for other riders and possible (small?) passenger

Preparation for Electrathon

batteries motor controller wiring more wiring front wheel more wiring

Electrathon 2007

Entering in Electrathon (without pedals connected naturally)

Electric Vehicle Expo 2007

Coming next:

Then...finish making it into a road-going velomobile

to do:

  • remove temporary covering
  • finish adding chain idlers
  • run chain from crank to rear wheel
  • add front and rear derailleurs
  • add necessary braze-on cable stops
  • add shifters and cabling
  • road test
  • build turtle-deck upper fairing behind seat
  • complete seat hold-down
  • refine nose cowling (smoothen and possibly lighten by re-building composite)
  • build "sport canopy" (partial hinged top cowl with windshield)
  • add final covering (probably yellow)
  • more test rides
  • add final electric assist system (probably BionX PL-350)
  • add lighting including LED headlights and brake/signal lights

Contact juergen@acclivity.ca