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Electrify any bike in minutes

electric conversion kitbike for conversionelectric bike riderAdd an electric motor to your bike in minutes. You can convert any bike you own into an electric bike with this easy to install kit.

If you can replace a bike wheel you can install this system. In less than 20 minutes you can remove your bike wheel and install a new electric drive wheel in its place. Connect the controller, wiring and batteries and you are ready to ride.

Cycle without breaking a sweat

Electric assist gives you the option to pedal or to take it easy (or both). Use the electric drive to your advantage: extend your range, travel routes that are too hilly, arrive at work refreshed. You can ride electric to work and get your exercise on the way home. Pedal as much or as little as you want, and use the electric assist whenever you need the extra help.

Smooth power

electric bike in snowtraction in snowhub motor in wheelTurn the throttle and go! With plenty of power available you have enough to help you up any hill or to move you up to 32km/h on the flats. Head winds and hills are not a problem any more. If you stray too far from home on your ride, just activate the electric drive to help you along.

Simplicity of hub motors

An electric motor located in the center of your bicycle wheel is the simplest, most efficient drive system available. Advanced "brushless" motor technology provides maximum range and the best performance on the market.


front wheelinstalling throttleready to rideNobody will ever know your bike has a motor. The electric drive is silent and incredibly smooth. Best of all your electric bike looks just like any bike and handles just as you expect your bike to ride. If you can ride a bike you can ride an electric bike.


A bicycle is the most efficient land transportation vehicle ever devised. Electric assist extends the efficiency and capabilities of a bicycle making it a truly practical transportation machine.


Complete electric bike conversion kits are available from $650. With rising gas prices, that is equal to about 20 tanks of gas. You may never have to buy gas again!

Contact us for more details at info@RideMore.ca or call 613-747-7433

Available Systems

Crystalyte all models of motors and controllers.The choice for experimenters, home-builders and others with specific performance requirements.

  • Motors - model 405, 406, 407, 408, 4011
  • Special order X5 models (5302, 5303, 5305) available for special "off-road" applications.
  • Controllers - 20A, 35A, 40A
  • Batteries available - SLA, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium (call)
  • Crystalyte "Journey" kit now available too.
  • Contact for pricing juergen@acclivity.ca or 613-747-7433

Wilderness Energy - An excellent starter system for those on a budget. Complete system for $650 includes:

  • brushless motor (BL-36)
  • SLA batteries (7Ah standard, 12Ah available)
  • pre-built wheel (any size 20", 24", 26", 700c)
  • controller
  • throttle
  • charger
  • battery bag
  • rack

9-Continent conversion kit

  • good performance at a low cost
  • light weight motor with good torque
  • controller options available 20A and 35A
  • wheel sizes 20", 26", 700c
  • includes Cycle Analyst
  • batteries extra - we have many choices available

eZee motor conversion kits

  • Light weight
  • Front of rear wheels available
  • disk brake compatible
  • Lithium batteries
  • Geared internally for good torque
  • True freewheeling for minimum motor resistance
  • Available with or without standard battery. Alternative batteries available.

BionX logoBionX - The premier electric assist system

  • Best overall perfomance
  • lightest weight
  • for the serious cyclist
  • Two-year warranty (one year on battery)
  • Made in Canada

All models available:

  • PL-250-Light
  • PL-250
  • PL-350
  • PL-350-RR - battery mount on rear rack
  • All models (except PL-500) are available in any wheel size (18", 20", 24", 26", 700c).


Specializing in practical bikes for every-day use including: electric, cargo, folders, recumbent

Contact Juergen Weichert for information or to order your electric bike kit.


--- The future is electric ---

For more information about power-assisted bicycles visit the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa

456 McArthur Ave. (near St. Laurent)
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