Testing new cargo trailer - October 10, 2002
Juergen Weichert

Thanks to Brian Fitzpatrick for the photos.

I had to transfer 2 suitcases full of tools from my Dad's car (at his work) to my house, about 3km away. I thought it would be a perfect time to test my new cargo trailer. These suitcases were HEAVY! (about 35lbs each).

I wanted to make sure the suitcases were well secured. They had to be properly placed to balance the trailer and not interfere with the wheels. I guess I should get some sort of solid fenders. I used a standard automotive "come-along" with strong webbing to hold everything in place.
I planned the trailer as a flat-bed design to be able to accomodate many different types of loads. There are eye bolts as tie-downs along all sides of the trailer. Here I am making sure everything is well secured.
Tightening the tie-down. I do NOT want this load to come loose on the road. I looped the webbing through the suitcase handles, and ratcheted the come-along down tight until I could see the suitcases pressing firmly against the trailer framework. I hope I don't bend the trailer...but there is no visible distortion. The framework is one inch square tube, with .049" wall thickness.
Cautiously testing...everything seems to be holding well. Look closely and you will see that I used the extra webbing as a safety strap, tied to my seat post....just in case something breaks or comes loose on the road!
Everything seems to be holding well. Now I have to go uphill. Sure glad I brought the mountain bike as a tractor with those extra low gears. With me on board the bike the total load is a LOT. (You do the math).
A nice shot of my ass pedalling up the first small hill. No photo of the big hill I had to climb a few minutes later. Everything handles fine in low gear, and at low speeds.


Yes, I made it up the first hill without incident. Then the next hill, and all the way home. I stopped once to make sure the hitch was still secure and everything was fine, even at higher speeds.

Traffic sure gave me a wide berth as I rode home. Drivers seem more respectful if you take up more of the road. Perhaps my physical size helps too?


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